Empowering Lives Through Sports, Health, and Education

The Tom and Meg Names Family Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to work in collaboration with various health, wellness, and athletic non-profits to make a brighter future for the youth of the Puget Sound.


We support sports programs that foster physical development, build character, and nurture the importance of fair play.


We back initiatives that provide access to good nutrition, physical fitness opportunities, and affordable healthcare.

Social Services

We support local and regional organizations that help hosiptals, cancer research, child development, and youth sports.

The Foundation at work

Here are just a couple of organizations Tom and Meg were passionate about.

Families Unlimited Network

Each year, Familes Unlimited Network helps lead more than 25,000 people to sustainability through its food bank, tutoring programs, and other initiatives that support local families in need. Knowing that their support helped people in their own neighborhoods meant a lot to Tom and Meg—and it still means a lot to us.
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Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation

Tom and Meg attended the iconic Festival of Trees annual holiday fundraiser benefiting Mary Bridge Children's Hospital since its inception. We are proud to support the festival and the profound impact it has had in improving children’s health care in the Puget Sound.
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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you